After serving as president of the Association of American Colleges and Universities for many years, I want to stay in touch with the many colleagues—within AAC&U and beyond—who share my commitment to quality, equity and the importance of  connecting students’ liberal learning with the needs of a world shared in common.

I’m not so much retiring as opening a next chapter – a chapter to be created with colleagues and friends.

For many years, I’ve been privileged to share my thinking—and to learn from campus leadership on educational change—via AAC&U’s channels and website (www.aacu.org).  AAC&U remains THE primary source for all who care about liberal education and inclusive excellence.  I hope you will stay closely in touch with The LEAP Initiative (www.aacu.org/leap) and with AAC&U’s continuing work to make excellence inclusive.

But since I intend to continue writing, speaking and working on the issues I care about, an independent home on the Internet seems like the best way to stay in touch.

The common themes across all this work—past and future—are

1) the societal, human, and democratic importance of the enduring goals for liberal learning—fostering big picture learning; developing capacities for reasoned judgment; and fostering a grounded commitment to ethical and societal responsibility;

2) the urgent need to connect those big goals with the challenges and realities of global interdependence, technology-fueled innovation, tumultuous societal and economic change, and the deep disparities that still characterize US society and most of the world community;

3) the deep responsibility we share as educators to reinvent our practices—curricular, co-curricular, pedagogical and assessment—so that every student enters a guided learning pathway to empowering learning and the development of strong commitments to help shape a better future.

I look forward to staying in touch,

Carol Schneider